The Last Juror, By John Grisham Book Report

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Justin Moore

The Last Juror

This novel by John Grisham is his seventeenth novel. It is the first time he has returned to the setting of For County Mississippi in his first novel A Time To Kill.

The Main character. William Traynor grew up in Memphis and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Journalism. He became interested in small weekly newspapers after his friend Nick told him his family was rich from owing a small weekly paper company. Will visited his rich grandmother after college and she told him to get a job. He applies to a bankrupt paper in Clanton, Mississippi in 1970. Th owner is 93 years old and his son, the editor, was a disabled world war 1 veteran. After the second world war the son began writing only obituaries and therefor did not spend time on advertising for the paper. After the sone does not show up for work anymore, Willie decides to try to buy the paper.

His grandmother gives him $50, 000 and he owns a newspaper at 23 years old. Willie finds a small apartment to rent over the garage of a grand estate that is run down. The elderly brother and three sisters who own it, never married and still live together there. The paper was in bad financial shape until a young widow named Rhoda Kassellaw is raped and murdered. The murderer id from a notorious family that lives on an island, that even the sheriff does not want to go to. As Willie reports all the details of the murder, his articulation increases and the paper begins to do much better.

Willie also begins to look at the stories of interest and finds out about a black couple with eight children, seven of who have PHD's and...