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O`Henry is the pen name of William Sydney Porter (1862-1910) was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. He is a well-known short story writer.

He was in Texas working in a bank, where he was involved in illegal transfers should go to jail. During this period he began writers of his literary career and had known since 1899. 1902 he moved to New York City and wrote nearly 300 short stories constantly. His heart is always directed to the poor, disadvantaged people. His short stories are often profound, touching and poetic. Many of his stories are considered the world's best and is still considered a model for young writers in the following decades.

His name is used to set the best short story award in the U.S. every year.

He is one of eight celebrity culture is World Peace Council decided in 1962 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The Last Leaf is once of his stories was been the most favorite by readers and critics.

In a shabby three-storey house with cheap room for rent in a small town in western Washington park , in November , when the cold winter wind blows back , Sue and Johnsy rent a room rooftop house . Mr. Behrman was a poor painter living in last floor

Johnsy has come down with pneumonia, despite Sue care, encouragement, Johnsy recumbent turned to look out the window ivy leaves on vines clinging to the brick wall in front of the window each leaf the gradual loss. Every time a leaf falls, she counts down the number of remaining leaves and waits for the last leaf falls off, she will die...

Sue told Mr Behrman hear, he was...