Last Of The Mohicans

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In this great epic film, the affect the French and Indian War has on a group of people is shown. There are several things in this movie that will make you anxious for the next scene. A heated love story occurs when a British General's daughter falls in love with a Mohican Indian named Hawkeye which adds excitement throughout the movie. Also, the conflicts between the French, British, and Indians are depicted in this movie. Hawkeye is the star of the film, by being the person involved in the love story and a key figure during battles. The supporting cast consist of a British General and his daughter, a British ranking officer, who turns out to be a hero at the end of the film, and the Huron Indian, named Magua.

This movie depicts an era in our history that sometimes is forgot about or just not paid enough respect to.

In elementary, through high school the emphasis is on the American Revolution and Civil War as the main wars that shaped our nation. The French and Indian War are usually left out in discussions. This war was just as cruel and important to the early colonists as was the American Revolution. Although the colonist was not directly involved, this war was still fought in their backyards.