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The Last of the Mohicans Film Analysis

The Last of the Mohicans is a historic film produced in 1992 by Morgan Creek Pictures. The movie is set in 1757 during the French and Indian War.

In the movie, the war takes over the forest frontier of western New York. Colonel Munro is in charge of a British fort called William Henry. This fort is being attacked by the French, and Munro's daughters Alice and Cora travel through the hazardous forest to visit their father. They are escorted by Major Duncan Heyward and guided by and Indian named Magua. Along their travels they meet a number of people including, David Gamut and Natty Bumppo. David is a religious follower of Calvinism, a major branch of Protestantism following theological tradition. They encounter the white scout Natty Bumppo who also goes by the name Hawkeye. Along with him are his two Indian companions, and the only survivors of the Mohican tribe.

They are Chingachgook and his son Uncas. Hawkeye shares with the group that Magua had deceived the group by heading them in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, Magua escapes. Hawkeye and the Mohicans lead the group to a safe cave, but the allies of Magua attack the next morning. The Hurons manage to capture Alice and Cora along with Heyward and Gamut. Heyward tries to convert Magua to the English side, but he seeks to marry Cora. The Mohicans and Hawkeye, however, rescue the captives and kill all allies but Magua. The group eventually reaches Fort William Henry, where they sneak through the French army surrounding the Fort. Soon after the English forces call for a truce. During the departure of the English from Fort William Henry, the Indians attack the vulnerable retreating soldiers. Magua once again manages to capture Alice, Cora,