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The Last Of The Mohicans is an action packed, romantic and adventurous drama, set during the peak of the French and Indian War in America. The English manage to wipe out a large proportion of the indian population however some survive, being only two survivors of the Mohican tribe. This then goes out to become the story and explains the title, it is the journey of the last of the mohican tribe in their quest to hold their lives and their tribe.

The entire plot then revolves around the clash between these two parties. With the two remaining Magua and Hawkeye fighting for their lives against the english and also french through picturesque settings which serves as a juxtaposition in a sense as we have such a beautiful landscape, smothered in, racism, death, greed and to be blunt, evil.

Hawkeye and Magua encounter some amazing adventures in the epic, whilst helping their people out along the way, freeing Alice and Duncan from imprisonment when Hawkeye disguises himself as a Bear, displaying the bravery they both held.

Conflict Between both Hawkeye & Magua arises and the hate then shines to them when they turn for the worst, Magua kills another of their own in a very wrong act. Hawkeye chases Magua who leaps from one cliff to another. He soon misses his step and slips, but manages to clutch on to a shrub. Hawkeye shoots Magua, who falls to his death.

The next day the dead are mourned and praised. Hawkeye tells Chingachgook that he is not alone, for he is still there with him. Tamenund laments the decline of the Indians and the death of the last of the Mohicans.

The Book Is a classic insight into the past and more importatntly the history of the native american indians...