The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

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The Last of the MohicansThe Last of the Mohicans is supposed to be an adventure book crammed full of action scenes, but it falls far short of the expectations I made before I read it. All the hype about the book is wasted breath, as the book is stuffy, tedious, and slow-paced. I opened the book with an open mind, but closed it disappointed. The action scenes were boring, the details were to long, and the conversations were pointlessly long. The descriptions in the book were beautiful, and painted a superior picture of the past, but at the cost of the readability of the book. In order to comprehend a short four-sentence conversation, you have to sift through two or three paragraphs of descriptions of anything from the speakers' history or Indian tribe. Overall, I would not recommend the book to anyone who is used to reading books that get straight to the point.

Cooper starts his book with a traitor Huron chief named Magua, who is leading Major Heyward and his commander's daughters, Alice and Cora, astray. The main character of the book, Hawkeye, joins them, along with his Mohican friends, Chingachgook and Uncas. Cooper manages to somehow come up with a title based upon the fact that these two are the soul survivors of the "proud" Mohican race. The entire plot is based upon this group of people taking the girls, Alice and Cora, to the fort, losing them, chasing them down again, losing them, and then repeating the cycle a third time. The battle scenes would have made up for the lack of real plot if the dialogue did not ruin that as well.

The plot is linear, with no surprises or twists anywhere in the story. From the fifth chapter on, after you understand the...