A last new chapter for The name of the game was murder by Joen Lowery Nixon

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Shortly after Mrs. Engstrom left, the police arrived in the mansion. They were surprised to see me outside alone but they didn't say anything. We went inside and while one man questioned Thea, the others searched the house. The policemen inside Mr. Trevor's office were curious about where the body was. I was inside the office, thinking. What had just happened? I came here, thinking I would have a great vacation, learning about writing and talking to the famous Augustus Trevor. Now, Augustus had been killed, I didn't learn one thing about writing and my vacation had been a big mess. Just that minute, a man came running in and he said, " Sir, he's been stabbed. We found him dead inside the bathtub." The lieutenant's answer was immediate, "who was it that moved the body, Mrs. Trevor?" Thea hesitated for a long time and then said, "I don't know officer."

I knew the cop suspected she lied but he didn't say anything. As he walked away, Thea stood, staring at the fireplace with wide eyes. As I looked in that direction, I noticed a small but thick piece of paper in the fireplace, not burnt but hidden under the bars where you put the firewood. As the cops walked away the bathroom, Thea slowly walked over to the fireplace, and picked up the piece of paper. It now occurred to me that it was a little smaller than half of a standard printer paper. Thea looked very surprised as she read the first words. I walked over and it read, "Clue #4 - Thea Trevor". As Thea turned over the small piece of paper, it said "The eyes believe what they see, magic is the key." As I though about it, something rang a bell but I quiet...