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The movie "About Last Night" stars James Belushi, Elizabeth Perkins, Rob Lowe and Demi Moore.

Lowe and Moore play two young singles in Chicago and spend a lot of time going to softball games, drinking at a popular singles bar, and having one-night stands. Each comes equipped with a smart-mouth best friend, but after Lowe and Moore spend one night together, their allegiances start to shift toward each other. When they decide to move in together, their friends do their worst to wreck the relationship, and for a while they succeed. The irritations of living together finally lead to a major blowup at the tavern, angry declarations of hurt feelings, and Moore's decision to move out - followed by Lowe's self-humiliating attempts to win her back. Lowe and Moore seem to grow into these roles, suggesting each stage of a relationship that changes from lust to affection to intimacy to the sudden awareness that privacy is gone, that living together really means living together.

There's a scene in which Moore starts to move her things into Lowe's kitchen, and their mood suddenly switches from elation to depression (and mutual attempts to deny what they're feeling), that rings particularly true.

This film does a great job showing the different forms of dating. Rob Lowe is the kind of guy that is looking for a relationship with one person, and to get to know them well and eventually get married and settle down with someone, Demi Moore. They show what falling in Love means, and what real people feel about each other in real life. And on the other hand, Belushi is an assertive dater, all he wants is to meet and go out with as many women as he can find, and all he wants is to have sex with them all. All he cares about is himself, and all he wants is for his needs to be fulfilled, he doesn't care about others needs. Lowe shows many changes throughout the movie, he becomes more a more mature as the movie goes on, he realizes that he really loves this girl and she means everything to him, which is how I think it should be. Unlike Belushi who doesn't show any development throughout the movie, he just stays the same person the whole way. He just simply doesn't understand what true love is, and will probably never fall in love because he is too close minded, and thinks his way is the best way, and doesn't care about anyone but himself.

This movie showed me clearly the difference between courtship and assortative dating, and the actors did a great job depicting their roles. Well I know what kind of person I am; I hope everyone else does too.