The last Soliloquy within "Hamlet"

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-The speaker is hamlet again. The context within the play is yet another character development.

-The main point of his speech is that he can't seem to take a task to its end, when others are able to do so. The development is shows a change in Hamlets thoughts. He is now fully concentrated on killing the king. This thought is purged along by the fact of what Fortinbras is doing. He is taking his soldiers to take over a piece of land that is worthless and people would die in the act. This makes Hamlet wonder as to why he cannot do the same with king, although he even has reason to do it.

-All things that happen seem to be against him and bring up a dull feeling of revenge. Is there anything else for people to do except to sleep and eat? He that made us with the ability to discuss, did not give us the ability to see in to the past and the future, and out reason was not given to us so that we would not use it.

Now whether it would be the forgetfulness of an animal or a cowardly feeling of thinking too much about what would be the outcome of the event. This is a thought which has one thing to do with wisdom and three things to do with cowardliness, and I do not know why I live to say, "This things's to do;". I have got reason and the will to commit the murder. Examples as good as the earth appeals to me: I witness the army which is so big led by a weak prince whose spirits are so large he doesn't think about the outcome of the event. Giving everything that can die away to death...