Last Thoughts.

Essay by Killa-Bot July 2003

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As I lay upon my bed, the aching of my heart

Is due to you leaving fast, as if you were a dart

Dashing into the targot, sadly that was me

Flying past the window like a bee.

I never thought I'd see it coming.

I'm still suffering the heartache you gave me.

These are the thoughts that come to mind.

All the pain you left here with me.

I try to blow them into the wind.

I keep on crying and wondering why.

Life is meaningless without you.

So, I went out and bought fish,

To keep me company.

At least they do not talk back,

Or try to hurt you in any manner.

These are my last thoughts,

That I give to you.

So, I may try find my path,

Along the yellow brick road.

In search of happiness,

That you never gave to me.