The last unicorn

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Alfredo Reyes Oliveras

Instructor: Luis Pérez Cortes

English 3102; Sec. 030

12 February 2014

The Last Unicorn

The film "The Last Unicorn" directed by Arthur Rankin Jr. is an animated movie that relates the quest of a unicorn and a wizard named Schmendrick. They both were seeking for the species of unicorns disappeared because of a red bull that herded them to the ocean. This fairy tale has a lot of emotions involved around each character. The film has also many heroic feat to impress the Lady Amalthea, the unicorn turned into human. This movie contains a hidden message that may be harsh and explicit for young children.

In the film it is able to perceive many emotions that help you understand the unicorn's background. The unicorn felt anguish when she heard the people in the forest saying she was the last of her kind. As a result, she started to seek for more information about this.

In the path she found a butterfly that told her about the existence of a red bull. Since the unicorn knew that, she felt brave to begin a quest to face the red bull and rescue her kind. However, when she became human she begun to feel love for Prince Lir.

Furthermore, when Prince Lir met the unicorn in human form he felt in love with her. This event caused Prince Lir to begin heroic feats like killing a giant serpent. The prince made these feats only to impress and gain the love of Lady Amalthea, but she still remained indifferent to him. Moreover, Lady Amalthea begun to forget her unicorn's emotion and started to feel human's emotions, giving the opportunity for Prince Lir to take a chance with her. When Prince Lir knew the truth of the real form of...