Late Adulthood

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Late adulthood is the time when individuals begin to reflect back upon their lives and the roles they have played in the big scheme of things by either seeing it filled with pleasure and satisfaction because of the accomplishments they have achieved or view it as a failure and disappointment because of their past experiences in life leaving them with a feeling of no sense of self worth. During this time in an older person's life is when they should feel a sense of pride because of their contributions to society through their accomplishments and successes. This should give them a sense of happiness and make them feel content knowing they have lived a full and happy life. By having a sense of fulfillment in their lives allows them to look at death as a completion of their lives instead of as an ending.

When the disappointments over shadow older peoples lives it leaves them feeling their lives have been wasted, leaving them feeling a sense of despair and bitterness towards the world around them and not ready to accept death when the time comes.

Late adulthood is the time when those who feel no sense of self-worth continue to focus on the negative things that have happened within their lives instead of being ready to look back on their life as a lesson. These individuals have a difficult time accepting their lives will soon be over but instead wonder and worry about what their real purpose in life was all about. Most who view their lives this way either fear death of a loved one or for themselves.

Late adulthood should be the time when these individuals pass on their wisdom and knowledge to the next generation instead of wondering about the "what ifs" in life. Late adulthood should...