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I will explain the ultimate five characteristics of an advanced civilization and describe the causes and effect sequence that leads from hunter-gathers, to the development of agriculture, and then the development of advanced civilizations in the Americas.

The early South American Societies were the Chavin, Nazca, and the Moche. The Chavin established powerful religious centers and created influential artistic styles. The Nazca and Moche developed extensive irrigation systems for farming and crafted intricate ceramics and textiles and other decorative art.

The early Mesoamerican Societies were the Olmec and the Zapotec. The Olmec designed and built pyramids plazas, and monumental sculptures, developed ceremonial centers, ritual ball games, and a ruling class. They also directed a large trade network throughout Mesoamerica. The Zapotec built a magnificent urban center at Monte Alban, developed early forms of hieroglyphic writing and calendar system.

The earliest Americans hunted big game and later fished and gathered berries and plants.

They lived in small groups, as they had to move continually in search of food but eventually developed farming and settled down into large communities. They also developed various new skills, including arts and crafts, architecture, and social and political organization, and gradually forged more complex societies.

In conclusion advances in the Americas are very obvious but they all created newer things to survive and adapt to their ways of life, culture, and surroundings. The Americans went from small moving groups to complex societies and developed from pyramids and a basic writing system to the development of a new architecture and organizations.