Late at night

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It was quite late at night. The glowing whiteness of the moon was acting like a sun. The stars, well they were not to be seen, since the air was so polluted. A boy named Kaiden James was getting back from his friends house. He was on a bus. Which was packed its buses extension. He understood that his mum was calling him but he could not do anything. He couldn't mange to get his phone out. Sighing… he visualized someone in the corner of his eyes staring at him too frequently. Whenever his eyes made interaction with that man, the man was looking dead at him. At this point Kaiden was alarmed. He thought that man was looking at him a bit too frequently for no apparent reason. Kaiden was a not a typical schoolboy. He was very rich, well not him but his parents. He was of 15 years old.

He was of average height. He was a muscular boy .His presence was noticed, due to his broad shoulders. His eyes were hazel and changed in the summer to blue and but currently they were green His hair was normally a high top with a bit of hair on the sides. But On that day his hair was not being noticed as he had wore a black puffy coat with his hood up so only his think eyebrows were noticeable. He wore his hood up because he wanted people to think he is a person not to be messed around with. That and he didn't want to be approached, as it was quite late at night. He wore burgundy chinos also with a Hermes belt reflecting on his rich family. As he was standing on the bus, He wanted to check what the time was and how he...