Late term abortion

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Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in America, and also one of the ones that will never truly be agreed upon. An even more extreme segment of abortion, is late term abortion. Fetuses that have had major complications and are unlikly to live a normal life or even survive are terminated before delivery. Such late term abortions are known as partial birth abortions, and happen nationally only about ten times per year.

Without the benefit of this type of treatment many pregnant women might be in danger of their lifes. Not all babies will be concieved without genetic or other disorders. This is a fact that can not be changed. If the option of a partial birth abortion is not available there is a much higher chance that she will die in childbirth. One of the greatest things technolagy has bought is the ability to save lives.

Even of the purpose of this opperation is to kill a living fetus it is also a promise of life for the mother.

It is true that a late term abortion is killing a living, functioning fetus and that it is also a risk of infection for the mother, as well as a prolonged, painful experience. But it is also a godly gift to families who might loose their mother or their wife. From the standpoint of pro-life defendants, late term abortion could sound like a pointless and evil operation. This procedure, though, can be a benefit for the mother as well as the fetus in many ways.

It is true that late term abortion does include the death of a living fetus, but it is used by the majority only when major complications arise during pregnancy. One hundred and forty thousand second and third trimester abortions occur each...