Latest Technological Advancements in HealthCare Industry

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"In the pursuit of quality no one is an island. We are all implicated; we are all concerned. We all win or lose together. It is in this spirit of comradely solidarity that we should set out to assure for everyone the full measure of benefit that modern health care affords". - Avedis Donbedian (January 7, 1919 - November 9, 2000)


Active and evolutionary transformations are proceeding in the healthcare industry. The disputes faced in following the care procedure while meeting tactical business goals within the healthcare delivery system and accepting twenty first century digital business practices are overwhelming. Providing care in today's multifaceted, incorporated, healthcare delivery networks presents challenges formerly unseen in this industry. In particular, healthcare executives and clinical professionals are challenged to delineate and employ information systems that sustain an efficient and successful care process, while meeting the business needs of the healthcare delivery structure. Accomplishing digital transformation and executing a Virtual Patient Record in today's intricate delivery networks presents a complication previously unobserved in the industry.

The days of documenting in a paper layout are deemed obsolete in an industry that has provided way to exceedingly complex and sophisticated clinical functionality that is maintained by refined technologies, complex infrastructures, and constantly mounting demands for assimilation and diffusion of data for real-time analysis and proactive outcome management of the patient. Conventional paradigms and methods of paper documentation are miserably inadequate, inefficient, and futile in meeting today's incorporated healthcare business needs (Coile, 2000).

Nowadays healthcare organizations, providers as well as health plans, are progressively better equipped for the information age. Data warehouses, Intranets, and Clinical Information Systems have turn into products. Are healthcare institutes using this clinical information infrastructure successfully to make medical management decisions? (Drazen, 1999).

The term "Medical Management" is used to portray...