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The Oxford Book of Latin American Essays and Menchu

As I was reading selections from The Oxford Book of Latin American Essays I noticed that these selections talked about women's sexuality and how women were deprived of their individual freedom. Illustrating Malinche as a woman who was sold to slavery shows the sexual discrimination against women and how they were looked upon in society. Although Malinche was a difficult poem for me to understand, it showed me how women were frowned up in society. Castellanos depicts Malinche as a victim as opposed to a traitor because she was a woman who was caught between cultures, forced to make hasty decisions, and served as a mother of a new race.

I feel that Malinche is a good representation of a woman in the Mexican culture that was sold to slavery and chose to live the life she did because of the circumstances she faced.

I think this poem does a good job showing how she was just a victim of a society women lived in and the way they were treated. This poem ultimately illustrates the influence and power one woman can have and the effect of that woman on society, showing that women also have the ability to explore and bring out new ideas to the world.

Rigoberta Menchu's Understanding and Accepting Diversity is a story about a young Guatemalan who tries to better the conditions of her society during the Civil War. Just like Malinche created a new race, Menchu dreamt of wanting peace in her society and bringing unity among the people of Guatemala. Menchu living a life full of struggle and being able to adapt to a life where she created a connection with her community only shows that women are able to overcome such hardships...