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Part 1. Executive Summary

This should be a concise summary of the study. DO NOT copy or simply rephrase the abstract. Use your own words. This should be no more than a few sentences. A short paragraph (or two) that captures the key ideas and results of the study is the goal.

This article examines the impact of a CEO compensation is linked to returns that are related to acquisitions and increase in firm size. To support this hypothesis a sample was constructed of 171 acquisitions between 1993 -1998, the study focused on three groups of external monitors to develop the hypothesis. The study differentiates between size and returns and their relationships with managerial rewards, subject to the moderating effect of external monitoring activities.

Part 2. Causal Model with Explanation

Try to provide a little graphic of the causal model of the study, with a short verbal description of the model.

The dependent variable is corporate returns and size of firm.

The dependent variable is CEO compensation. The controlled variables are the external monitors which are security analyst, independent outside board members and activist institutional investors. The independent can only influence the dependent variable when the external monitors influence the independent. The independent variables are then divided into two monitors who are vigilant and lax. Corporate returns are the vigilant monitors and the sizes of the firm are the lax monitors.

External Monitors (controlled variables) Independent Dependent

Security of analyst Corporate returns CEO

Independent outside board members Size of firm Compensation

Activist Institutional Investors

Part 3. Key Variables and Methodology***

Identify methodology that was used. Include a description of the sample and from whence it came. Clearly identify and, define where appropriate, the key variables (both dependent and independent) in the study and how they are measured.

The key variables...