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In Canada, the name Laura Secord is linked with chocolates, sweets and ice cream. What most people are not aware of is that Laura Secord is named for a heroine of the War of 1812. Laura Ingersoll was born in 1775, to a wealthy family in Massachusetts. Laura was responsible in taking care of her younger sisters following their mothers' death. Her responsible nature is what carried her to make a decision that would save her country. The war of 1812 was a war between the British and the United States, which established the borders that ran the length of the countries.

Laura met her husband, James Secord when her family moved to Upper Canada due to the depression. By 1812, the two had 5 children, 2 servants, a modest frame house and ran a succesfull business selling clothing and household goods. The thirteenth of October, 1812, was a sad day in which the village of Queenston would never forget.

The war had come to them. Soon after James left to go help fight, and being terrified of the outcome and the safety of her husband, Laura made sure she heard all news that came from the war. Once hearing her husband was wounded, Laura set out by herself to find him. The Secords were able to stay living at there home, due to the fact that James was wounded. Where as, the other men were considered prisoners of war, and sent to the States.

Due to the fact that the Secords were able to live at home, they were ordered to billet three American officers. The turning point of Laura's life stands here when she overheard the officers planning a surprise attack against FitzGibbons at Beaver Dams. Laura decided to set out on foot to warn Lieutenant FitzGibbons...