Laurier, Canada's loved prime minister. Did he help unite Canada as a nation or not solve any problems.

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During Sir Wilfred Laurier's fifteen years as Canada's liberal prime minister, he proved to the world what Canada really was. Laurier was effective because of his policies on promoting Canadian industries, expanding the railway, encouraging national unity and most importantly the creation of two new provinces because of increased immigration. Laurier acted fairly to the French and the British, being the first Canadian prime minister who was a French-Canadian. Not only did he help the French but he also helped the British. When in a British war we would send the Anglos. With this, he helped unite Canada and spread national pride. He also made Canada a more powerful separate country. He started a navy and loosened ties with Britain after a certain Alaskan boundary dispute. Although Laurier's was a bit optimistic, he predicted that Canada would have the population of 60 million in the year 2000, he did contribute greatly to that number.

With out Laurier there would be a good chance that Canada would have been invaded by the United States, just look at Alaska, and that was still under British power.

Laurier and St. Laurent are the most famous prime ministers who are known for supporting national unity. A key action that Laurier accomplished was not to do so much for Britain and slowly break away. Another first for Canada was that Laurier was the first French and the first catholic prime minister of Canada. He contributed to the Manitoba school crisis in a positive way, trying to find that perfect median that never existed. He also supported French-Canadians in Quebec and across Canada. Laurier was a wise man, when Britain asked for troops for the Boer War; he only sent those of British descent and the ones wanting to go. When they also asked for...