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I have chosen to study Law at degree level because it has always been my life's ambition to become a Barrister. This degree would be my first step towards achieving my dream, by equipping me with the knowledge and skills I need, to progress into the legal profession.

This course in particular interests me because it is flexible as well as being conventional. What also attracts me to this course, is the approach taken by the staff to ensure that I will make the most of my time while I am studying this course, and their ability to ensure that I will receive as much support as I need, while studying such a diverse and interesting subject.

While studying for my A'Levels, I committed myself to being a Sixth Form Prefect. This involves a great deal of responsibility. My duties involved showing prospective parents around the school on open days, and answering any queries that they may have had.

This also involves a high of communication and I was commended to my head of year for my excellence.

I have also passed a Key Skills exam in Communication, at Level 3. This proves that I can communicate through my written and oral work, to A'Level standard.

My biggest achievement so far, was receiving a Certificate of Achievement for my excellent examination results, by the Lord Mayor of Bexley.

I thoroughly enjoyed my A'Level Law course, and after my studies at school, I decided to take a year out to get a job in a Barrister's Chambers, before going on to study for my Law degree. My work in the Chambers has given me first hand experience of what it is like to work as a Barrister, and has only given me an even greater determination to succeed.

I have taken part in and completed the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award. This shows that I have the skill to commit, and the determination to make the most out of the chances I am given. This is one reason why I think that I will be suited to studying a Law degree.

I have many interests, but my favorite ones are, reading, surfing the Internet, horse riding, shopping, going to the cinema, socialising with friends, and meeting new people.

I feel that if given the opportunity, I would be a valid member of the course for which I now apply. I am not only willing to put in the hard work needed to achieve, but I will also make a great contribution to life at your University.