Law Abiding Citizen

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Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen is an action-thriller about a man and his life after his entire family is abused and slaughtered before his eyes. Clyde Alexander Shelton, played by Gerard Butler, was an average guy with an average life until an unimagineable tragedy. The justice system fails Clyde by making a deal with one of the criminals responsible for his loss and he takes matters into his own hands. After 10 years, Clyde embarks on a journey of revenge against all those involved -- from criminal to mayor. Though Clyde claims revenge is not his motive, everyone involved in this miscarriage of justice is at risk of feeling his wrath.

Law Abiding Citizen was a well-presented, clever, yet still unbelievable story. Richard Roeper, critic for The Chicago Sun Times disagrees.

Roeper destroys the movie, though he is not the only critic to write a negative review about this motion picture. Justin Chang, reviewer for Daily Variety Gotham, and Dan Kois, critic for The Washington Post, also disliked this flick. The criticisms range from emphatic to downright rude. My criticisms are not so extreme, in fact, they lean the other way. I rather enjoyed most of the movie.

Roeper says, "Gerard Butler, talking out of the side of his mouth to squelch his Scottish accent, is Clyde.", as if setting aside the slight with commas lessens it somehow. Butler's accent was not distracting to me. I didn't know Gerard Butler was Scottish nor did the way he spoke do anything to take away from his performance in this film.

Roeper wasn't the only critic with backhanded criticism. Justin Chang, reviewer for Daily Variety Gotham, ranted, "Overture release...