Law And Psychology

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Essay I In your opinion, what are the most significant conflicts between psychology and the law? When we are talking about psychology in relation to law, we would probably be most interested in the study of personality disorders since it discusses the causes of the abnormal behavior that may bring suspects to court. When we read a book on psychology (personality disorders), the most conspicuous aspect is its determinism. All the symptoms displayed are assumed to be a result of a conscious or subconscious conflict within the mind. If there is an anomaly in the behavior of a person, he or she is displaying that because in that person's mind is a painful element that cannot be managed without acting that way. This simple assumption of determinism is more powerful than it seems. For all abnormal behavior there is a reason for that. Psychologically, if one is convicted of a crime and brought to court, that person has done that as a result of a complex psychological process.

The human mind is -even that of the relatively healthy one- full of conflicts, and not everyone are fully dexterous at dealing with it. In fact, the majority of us (with the exception of the most self actualized ones) are hopelessly clumsy. This "clumsiness" can be brought down to earth with this example. If we ask a healthy (psychologically healthy) one "how can we get over that mountain?" they can give a variety of answers. One could dig a tunnel, one could fly, one could climb, one could go around, and one could even give up and choose not to go. These minds are more lenient than the clumsy ones. They have the inner energy to sublimate the frustration. But the clumsy ones can only give one answer and stick to...