Are Lawyers Bad?

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When most people think of lawyers they usually think negatively, but do they really know what lawyers do? Over all, lawyers are people who conduct legal proceedings for their clients, and lawyers also advise their clients as to legal rights and obligations in other matters. However, there are numerous types of lawyers, and they all differ from the other; for example, prosecution lawyers and defense lawyers often work the same cases but against each other. Examining the differences between prosecution and defense lawyers can help one understand that lawyers are not necessarily negative.

Prosecution and defense lawyers work for different clients. Prosecution lawyers often work for the state; these lawyers are called District Attorneys. Prosecution lawyers also work for the person who brought the lawsuit to court. On the other hand, defense lawyers work for the person being prosecuted. The defense lawyer has to make sure their client has a fair trial.

If the defendant can not afford a lawyer they must be provided with a state appointed attorney.

Prosecution and defense lawyers have different jobs to complete. To prosecute is to seek legal punishment for a criminal act. The prosecutors' jobs are to seek justice for victims by proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the defendant is guilty and punishing the criminal with a just sentence. On the contrary, to defend is to resist the legal attack of the prosecution and to argue in support of the defendant. People brought on trial for criminal acts still have constitutional rights, and the defense lawyers' jobs are to fight for the defendant's rights. Defense lawyers must guaranty the defendant is not punished for a crime the prosecution can not prove the defendant accomplished.

The number one motive for both types of lawyers...