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The character I chose from the one-man planets is the conceited or vain man who tipped his hat when applauded. I think this related to our own quality of life because there will always be people who are happiest when they are told exactly want they want to hear and just want to be admired. Normally it relates to them receiving compliments or attention that they truly think they need in order to survive. This tale relates to the Prince's assertion to the Aviator's artistic abilities by bring the mix a beauty being deceiving. All artists know that it's not the objects beauty that draws the eyes to the picture, but the captivatingness and uniqueness of the creation whether it is an elephant in a snake or not. For the value of a beauty is in the artists or creators eyes. The man who needed to be applauded describes our human need to feel or be thought of as beautiful.

However it also shows our appreciation of it through the Prince's actions. The Prince had no real opinion upon this man; he just admired him and clapped his hands because that is what the man wanted the Prince to do. Just as some people tell people things because that is what that certain person wants to hear.

5. The Prince learns that relationships are something that has to be built up gradually, over time. As this relationship shows by spending time with the fox, the Prince forms an attachment with the fox. Just like relationships with people can make a person very special to you because you have an insight and trust into them that most will never see. Just as he could never have a relationship with just any fox, but only with his fox that he has spent time with. Together the fox and Prince form a type of mutual understanding to each other and when they part their understanding of each other is almost completely unknown yet understood. Just as the Prince's relationship with the Aviator in the end. Both of them didn't even need to talk to really understand each other when the Prince left. However it seems that their parting left the normal sense of loss upon the Aviator. But as most people seem to deal with their losses of special people they have something that sparks a memory of that person and think of them, like the Aviator would look at the stars and imagine the Prince's planet and wonders if the Prince's flower was ate by the sheep or not.

8. Because she is really in love with him, but the way she acts happens to be a male opinion of how women act when they really love someone. I think this is just typical of how men in that time thought women behaved. I personally don't think they act to this degree of severity; they just were not the same as how we behave today. For example them were thought to be a more delicate creature that time, and were not exposed to the vulgarities and extensively less proper things of that time period. They also were not to be outspoken or over dominating, yet were very opinionated because they didn't get the same experiences as most males did. But I do not believe they were cruel or conceited as the rose was portrayed. I also think that such an outspoken opinion today would make a guy extremely sexist because times have changed just as behaviors have too. Nowadays women are more opinionated and equal to men, and even if a man would still think in the caveman age he wouldn't dare say anything of the sort do to social discrimination.