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Case study: Steve Jobs -- Apple

Question 1

Explain how each of the five elements of our definition of leadership applies to Steve Jobs leading Apple?

As defined by Mr. Achua; leadership is the influencing process of leaders and followers to achieve organizational objectives through change. He defined effective leader to be someone who have the five elements of leadership as mentioned in the above figure. Mr. Steve Jobs has been a good example of being an effective leader for Apple. The five elements in his personality are discussed as follows;


Influencing is the process of a leader communicating ideas, gaining acceptance of them, and motivating followers to support and implement the ideas through change. Mr. Jobs has been a perfect example for this element. He has influence not only his employees as well as his customers by bringing innovative products that his customers want. According to the case the people who left Apple says though Jobs hogs the credit but they've never done better work.

This is how influenced his people from him. They were loyal and gave Mr. Jobs great respect.

Organizational Objectives

Effective leaders influence followers to think not only of their own interests but also of the interest of the organization through a shared vision. Mr. Jobs didn't think about his own interests while working in Apple, the example of him hiring John Scuelly to bring professional management into power in place of himself is a prove, that he wanted his company to grow. It was his vision that made the companies he worked for a success.


There is no doubt if it is said that change was the most important element that Mr. Steve had for being an effective leader. Apple has been a perfect example of change and it was only possible...