Leaders and Discipleship

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Leaders and Discipleship


The leadership and discipleship in the youth ministry has been declining do to the neglect of traditional Christian morals. Once leadership and discipleship is implemented correctly back into the youth ministry, the very foundation in which faith is founded on will become the muscle for the youth ministry in which it will stand. When consulting in God rather than man things work more properly. For God is all knowing and creator and establisher over everything, therefor when asking God how to lead and disciple in his church there should be no compromising what he says.

Leaders Listen

What greater role model to begin with then the leader of the Christian faith…Jesus the Christ. Jesus constantly stayed in prayer weather he prayed with his disciples or by himself. After a believer is done, praying he or she tends to think Gods response will come through a loud deep trembling voice like portrayed in movies.

In 1 Kings 19:11-12 tells of a prophet who went up on a mountain to wait for God to pass and the prophet came across wind and God was not there then by an earth quake and fire lastly by a still small voice. The purpose of this is, just like the prophet leaders must listen to lead.

How can a youth pastor shepherd a young congregation properly if he or she is not listening to the one giving orders. In ministry, everyone is under some type of authority including the pastor. It is evident in the bible that spirit of order makes known its presence. One can look at the order of authority given for example first comes God, second Jesus third Holy Ghost (there is no hierarchy between the three), another could be John the Baptist, Jesus, and the...