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Future Group - Strategic Marketing ���


Future Group is heart of Indian consumers; it is India's leading retail group which consist of multiple formats which suits to every living standards of India. There are around 40,000 employees working for Future Group which help and support over 800 stores in India which include all formats with its headquarters located in Mumbai (India). Future Group is also known by Pantaloon Retail India limited (PRIL). (BIYANI, K and BAISHYA, D.2007)

Headed by Mr. Kishore Biyani also known as King Of retail said that Future Group works on very simple ideas which consist of Indian culture to attract customer and new technology for modern retail environment. (BIYANI, K.2008).

Retail Formats of Future Group:

Pantaloons -

Big Bazaar

Food Bazaar




Planet Sports


KB Fair Price

Star and Sitara

One Mobile

Brand Factory


Future Bazaar(Online Shopping)

15) Future Generali - Finance (Insurance, Loans, Equity Investments etc)

16) T24 - Association with TATA provides SIM services.


18) Celio

19) Food Rite

Services to all the above mentioned stores are given by:

Future Supply Chains Limited

Future Knowledge Services(FKS)

Future Media Limited

Future Human Development Limited

Future Corporate Resources Limited

Future Value Retail Limited(FVRL)

Future Learning and Development Limited.(FLDL)

(FUTURE GROUP-Overview. 2011)

Product Offering:

When a company is able to meet the customer needs by its product then it can be said that company understand what the market demands.

But producing that product which meets the needs of local customer and having different products doesn't imply success of that firm. The company should build up trust in customer so that they can buy the innovative products which the company has to offer them.

In short company success is directly proportional to customer satisfaction, it can be said that company...