The leaders of the Progressives Era

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In the early 20th Century there came the onset of political and social changes, labeled as the Progressive Era. The period of reforms in 1900-1917 formed a new

idealism of greater democracy and efficiency of the government, better regulation of big business

and social justice. There rose a necessitate of a strong, advanced and open-minded personality who would be able to take over and to translate reforms into reality. The Progressive-charming and forward-looking idealist, who acts with great enthusiasm and passion, and whose decisions

are followed by great cleverness and confidence, is an undoubted leader to make America a better country to live in.

In 1901 Theodore Roosevelt emergences the political area with his first Message to Congress. In particular document he distinguishes between good and bad trusts, and

understanding its issue to remain political and economic problems, suggest greater control of big

business: "Concentration should be, not prohibited, but supervised and within reasonable limits

controlled" (Roosevelt, Theodore.

"Message to Congress." For the Record: A Documentary

History of America. Ed. David E. Shi & Holly A. Mayer. New York: W. W. Norton & Co.,

1999. 146). Theodore Roosevelt represents an agitating and powerful speech that demonstrates

his strong attitude and determination to act:

"All this is true; and yet it is also true that there are real and grave evils, one of the chief being overcapitalization because of its many baleful consequences; and resolute and practical effort must be made to correct these evils. (Tindall, George Brown & David E. Shi. America: A Narrative History. 5th ed. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1999.).

The Congress and the public get involved of such powerful and passionate personality and goes into. In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt wins the election and "begins the Progressive Era

movement in the presidency"(Arnsten, Amy. "America in...