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Leadership Throughout history very few things have stood the test of time. Most ideas and beliefs have come and gone before most had the chance to grasp them. There has been countless numbers of empires, nations , and entire species that have been wipe from the face of this earth. In the thousands and thousands of years this has all taken place one thing has remand the same. In anything there must always be a leader. Someone to take charge and maintian oder throughout. A person that no matter the situation can be turned to in search for comfort. A true leader must be willing to sacrafice it all for his people or belief.

The leadership role at hand is a sectionleader. Although at this level of leadership there will unfortunatley be no history made nor dramatic changes in our nations future it does bestow great responsibilty. Almost everyone that comes to our BEQ is fresh out of bootcamp.

When someone comes straight from bootcamp they usely have aquired some type of discipline, or at least moved forward on their level of maturity. I believe this a very impressionable time in a salors life. The majority are squared away and looking sharp due to the hard work and dedication thier ever so loving RDCs have put into them. Once they are no longer under the constant supervision they are used to they will go either way, the wrong way or the write way. A sectionleaders job is to make and outstanding frist impression and see to it that they go the write way. History has shown that people will follow the crowd. If a section leader has done his or her job than when a new shipmate steps across that quarter deck he or she will see nothing but squared...