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Leadership can be found all over the world. Leaders are the generals leading their troops into battle, they are the Prime Ministers and the Presidents taking care of world issues, they can even be found on the sports fields leading their team to victory. There are two different types of leaders; there are the ones, who do good things for the people he or she is leading, and then there are the ones that are bad as humans but they are great leaders. So what really makes a great leader?

Aspects that make people leaders would include having to have good speaking skills to persuade people to do what they want them to do and so they could get people to follow them. They would have to be able to take control of a situation and stay calm. They would have to be truthful and be able to keep a promise.

As well, they should be trustworthy because you do not want somebody leading you that you cannot trust. A leader should be somebody who can listen to other people and take suggestions. They must be passionate about what they are leading or it could just all fall apart. A leader must also be courageous and wise about what they are doing. True leaders do not wait for people to tell them what they can and cannot do they just do it. It takes real guts to be a leader because most people are afraid of failing.

The good leaders take risks. They put everything on the line including their family and money. They do not follow the general public; they take their own opinions and express them among everyone. They do not do what the crowd is doing they take chances and go against the crowds. Take Winston Churchill...