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What is leadership? It is the ability to influence or guide people. There have been many great leaders during the course of history. Many of which changed history and our perspective of this world, as we know it. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Magic Johnson, Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hilter, Princess Diana and Joseph Stalin just to name a few. Thought some of those names may seem like figures that misused their leadership. They were great leaders in the eyes of their followers. There is one person who, in my opinion transcends the accomplishments of the leaders mentioned above. That person is Martin Luther King Jr. He overcame segregation to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But it didn't happen overnight. This process took blood, sweat, tears and eventually his life.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a household name. His accomplishments are world-renowned. His legacy began from the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It occurred when Rosa Parks, an African American female, wouldn't give her seat, on a public bus, to a Caucasian male.

Martin Luther King Jr. led this movement and it lasted 382 days. His house was eventually bombed and he was arrested. But it all led to the outlawing of racial segregation on all public transports.

He was also vital to the founding of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which allowed them to stage non-violent protest like another famous leader Mahatma Gandhi. This eventually led to his phones being wiretapped by the FBI.

His greatest and most known accomplishment was the civil rights movement in the early-1960s. He led them through many things like the movements for the right to vote to movements for basic civil rights. Both these issues were addressed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. These two acts entitled African Americans...