Leadership and Ethics Course, Through Military Discussing Ethical Decisions as They Relate To Utilitarian Teleologist, Kantian Deontologist and Decision Making,.

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The Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) under a United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution, of which I am the head of a Coordination Center (CC), has been ordered to evacuate. Clear direction has been given by the Chain of Command (COC) that the 44 locally employed civilians, 12 of which are interpreters, 3 of which who have families, are not included in the evacuation plan. Interpreters are seen as moderate threats by fanatics given that they have witnessed investigations into possible war crimes. They are sources of information to both sides in the conflict and are under suspicion in their own communities. Prior to the evacuation order, a female interpreter had been harassed and pressured by Serbian police about information she has while being employed by the KVM, she has been relocated to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) compound for her protection. Additionally the Kosovo Liberation army is pressuring a male interpreter for information regarding the police.

The threats have been entirely directed at the interpreters and not towards the other locally employed staff.


The aim of this essay is to discuss the morally right thing to do from the aspect of a utilitarian teleologist, Kantian deontologist and the reasoning behind their decision whether or not to obey the order or to evacuate the interpreters. Lastly, it will explain how empathy influences the decision to or not to remove the interpreters using Hoffman's views of empathy, social cognition and moral action.

Utilitarianism Teleologist

Utilitarianism Teleological (UT) ethics, often referred to as consequentialist ethics or consequentialism involves the morality of a decision and the results of doing what is the better good. This theory centers around the outcome of an act where if the consequences of a decision results in an over abundance of positives than...