Leadership and Management, A Difference in the United States Marine Corps

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The United States military demonstrates a wealth of power, discipline and skill that protects this great country we live in. How is it even possible for a volunteer force that has never met each other become such an effective group? The professionalism, respect and high level of excellence are not learned overnight; it is taught with patience and skill. The United States military creates effective leaders and managers. Is this an institution that today's society can learn from to make effective managers and leaders? I will attempt to explain the tangibles and intangibles of honor, courage and commitment that are the backbone of the military and why this powerful group is so effective in producing leaders and managers.

Effective LeadershipModern U.S. military is comprised of young men and women from all over the country. The average age of enlistment is 18-year-old high school graduates. In about a year or two this young person can possibly be in charge of a million dollar piece of military gear and in charge of one-ten fellow service members as their leader.

How is this even possible? What is taught to these young individuals at such a young age and short time to make them so effective as leaders and managers? Can society produce the same quality leaders that the military can?Leadership is intangible; a person cannot simply read about it and take a test to become a leader. There is a cliché that one may hear when discussion is brought up about great leaders: "He or she was born to be a leader." Is this even possible? Is there a gene in our DNA that gives all the characteristics of leadership? To be a great leader, one must have been led to fully understand what leadership is. It is impossible for a person who...