Leadership in the church

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Analysis of The Apostle 1. The Leadership Situation "Say hello to momma for me. I can't tell her what I done, I really can't. I got to go, got to go. I love you," Sonny exclaimed as he drove off from his home, his beauties (children), and his adulterous wife. Off like Abraham not knowing where he was going and running from the law trying to at least do something with the time he has, as long or as short as it may be. Sonny has a peculiar leadership situation. He has to manage keeping clear of the law and recognition while fulfilling his desire to start a new successful church. Sonny or now The Apostle E. F.'s leadership situation starts out in Bayou Boutte, Louisiana. The Apostle knows he needs to have a companion with connections to be a success in this community. Therefore he meets up with a local, an elder black pastor named C.

Charles Blackwell who's health has deterred him from preaching for awhile. E. F. tells Charles that the Lord has sent him to him to discuss matters of starting a church. Their conversation ends with Pastor Blackwell stating, "if the Lords leading you, than He's got to lead me to. So I'll keep my eye on you, and the Lord keep his eye on both of us, and we all three will keep our eyes out for the Devil". A positive note to end their first meeting. Shortly after Charles takes him to see a small building he owns that could possibly be a prospective church building. Its an old, run down, one room, southern style church that to most would not hold a candle of hope for restoration, but The Apostle sees something else. He sees a debt free building with potential...