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Leadership in Management

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Parallel to the evolution that has occurred in the business world in decades past, is the evolution of views on participative leadership among managers. Participative leadership refers to the manner in which employers have come to treat their employees. This treatment has evolved from days of traditional, autocratic relationships- in which employees were told exactly what tasks to do, without regard to their feelings or what intelligent input could be made to today's spectrum of treatment defined by two terms, human relations and human resources. Managers' approaches today, now consider, not only the employees feelings, but the potential added benefits they might be able to bring to the firm.

The difference between human relations and human resources lies in the goals and expectations of the manager.



Management is art of getting things done whereas leadership is a way to lead people in a certain way. Being the leading part of the organization is not an easy job as it requires incredible potential to lead from the front, thus setting an example for others to follow. In order to make an organization excel to new heights, one needs to be highly updated with the skills of management along with a flow of new ideas. This could really turnout to be fruitful incase the company starts undergoing bad phase.


From Stone Age to the corporate world of today, man was born to lead the world. In the old days he was leading an army of thousand or more soldiers, defying all the...