Leadership Skills for Women: Developing the Leader in You

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Someone once suggested that great leaders were born, not made. Women today arguably have more opportunities for greatness than ever before. They bring to life their girlhood dreams. They can overcome barriers of sexism, racism, economic and social oppression, and the demons of childhood abuse and family dysfunction. They can soar with a beauty and majesty that their Creator intended when He first fashioned them in His own likeness. "[...] in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them" (Gen. 1.27).

While opportunities and inspirations have multiplied, so have the weights of responsibility, the pressures of others expectations, and the temptations of mediocrity. Like wildflowers straining to press through the cracks in a crumbling sidewalk, women strive to bloom within the confinements of this jumbled and segmented stretch of concrete called Life. Yes, numerous freedoms have brought numerous opportunities for many women. Still many barriers threaten a woman's ability to answer the call of greatness upon her life.

If you are no longer content with the misguided attempts to be every woman but yourself, then your time has come. If you are no longer satisfied to compare yourself to the shortsighted expectations of others around you, then your time has come. If you are no longer fulfilled by the remnants of your dreams being shoved to the back closet of your heart, then your time has come. The time has come for you to step out of the shadows of your life and into the spotlight. Every woman has a potential to be a leader, to move beyond the edges of the stage where they have watched life's drama unfold before them, and to stride onto center stage and fulfill the role of their lifetime. Make no mistake, becoming a leader does not require playacting...