Leadership Strategic Model-Xiaoping Deng and Him as a leader.

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I. Introduction.

Leadership is the ability to influence others, especially in getting others to reach challenging goals. So how do leaders influence others? Some leaders use their power to motivate people to devotion and enthusiasm. For other leaders, they may use a good knowledge and intelligence. Others may have strength and bravery to influence people.

There are many leadership traits, what's more, how can you become a successful leader in the future? Useem (2001) suggested that there was a sort of leadership strategic model, to be specific, there are three main elements: firstly, they should have wisdom in planning what should be done; then, leaders can predict how it should be reached, last but not least, motivation, which stimulates people to pursuit a common goal with all honor.

In my essay, I will make an analysis of these points with a typical case, Chinese leader Xiaoping Deng. "He is a legendary man and his success as a policymaker and as a spokesman and champion of his country."(Evans


II. Leadership Strategic Model

A. Decision Making

"Selecting a leader is not an easy job because there are many factors to consider; however, the most important personality of a brilliant leader is the ability to make good decisions." (Chapman and O'Neil 1999) Why? Because there usually are many issues to be resolved in short time. For example, when China ended the decade of the Cultural Revolution, the economic system was destroyed greatly, this required the leader to make a big decision to take measures to recover the economy and politics. "Xiaoping Deng set the economic reform by the Four Modernization, those of agriculture, industry, science and technology and the military. The strategy for achieving these aims of becoming a modern, industrial nation was the socialist market economy." (http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Deng_Xiaoping). Deng claimed...