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This paper is about Kudler's leadership style and how this leadership style has an effect on the organization environment. What can you infer about the leadership style at Kudler Fine Foods based on organizational performance? How is that leadership style evidentially reflected in the employee motivation at Kudler?small and bigWith out a doubt, the power of the organization is in Katy's hands and she makes well use of it. Katy is involved in all decisions, small and big. Katy does not delegate as she should if she wants Kudler organization to keep growing. As an example that Katy does not delegate, we found on Kudler's intranet in the organization behavior page (Gomez-Mejia, L. Balkin, D 2002) " Kathy considers one of her key responsibilities to be that of identification of new gourmet items that can be offered in her stores." The above statement shows that Katy believes that she is the only one capable of good decision making.

Consequently, Katy's leadership style is autocratic with some democratic tints when Katy consults with Kudler's managers for advice on her decisions. These consultations promote a positive ambiance on Kudler's culture. However, Katy's ideas prevail on the long run.

The power use by Katy to influence on her employees can be classified according to the five powers of managers by B Raven as legitimate, rewards, and some coercive. Consequently, Katy is a transactional leader. Legitimate, (legal) she is the owner of the organization. Rewards (trade support by rewards) Katy has implemented both financial and physiological rewards to motivate employees. Employees are evaluated by their supervisor every year. The evaluation form helps supervisors set individual goals and benchmarks for each employee. Good employees receive promotions, higher salaries, and higher status inside the company. Coercive, (fear the leader) the same evaluation helps supervisor identify employees...