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SUBJECT: Effective leadership model and personal development plan

DATE: Nov. 1, 2014

After participated in two months interesting "Leading Organization" course and learnt many helpful concepts and skills about leadership, I built my model of effective leadership as following:

In my point of view, leadership is about achieving goals by aspiring oneself, managing one's team, and influencing others. Therefore, the model also has three layers: individual level, team level and organization level.

Individual level: In this level, there are the traits that an effective leader should have as an individuals. This level is also the base of the other two levels. Without the support of this level, it is difficult to achieve the success in the other two levels.

Self-awareness: most fundamental leadership trait that knowing and accepting the weakness;

Self-regulation: important ability that controlling impulses or channeling them for good purposes for mature leader;

Self-motived: having passion for pursuing achievement which is necessary for great leader;

Empathy: key trait of influential leader that always try to be out of box and take into account feelings of others.

Team level: This level is mainly about how an excellent leader interact with his or her team to achieve their common goal. In this level, the leader has an obvious and authorized power over other members.

Managing communication: includes building communication mechanism and setting up feedback system among team to facilitate team sharing vision and reaching consensus;

Managing conflict: includes understanding the cause of the conflict and picking the best approach (compromise, collaboration etc.) to solve conflict among team members;

Managing diversity: including being empathy, understanding team members with different backgrounds and personalities, and using situational leadership for different persons;

Managing creativity: includes lead team to transcend traditional ideas and create meaningful new idea...