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As we have described throughout the past weeks, VisionTech is a consulting company specialized in marketing strategies. Due to this, VisionTech's primary focus is on performing effectively, not only with our customers but with our employees. For this we have identified what would be our leadership style throughout the whole organization. VisionTech's board in consensus decided to utilize Participative Leadership. We understand this style would be the most effective based on that we are addressing a specific business that services the needs of a specific market segment where number one: we have a small organizational structure; and two: every employee has key responsibilities and can contribute directly to the business in their specific area. We understand that Participative Leadership encourages our subordinates to get involved in developing decisions which affect their jobs directly. This style also brings more points of view that can improve the final decision output. Understanding that there are situations that must be managed uniquely by the leader in these cases the final decision will be clearly explained to the group.

Comparing our leadership style with the employee centered style that could have been chosen by the group which is focused on the individuality and personality needs of their employee cultivating good interpersonal relationships we decided on the other one understanding that its better to integrate the employees to the business most than to have good relationships. On the other hand we could have been chosen the general leadership style because this one is somewhere in the middle of close supervision and laissez-faire, but being such a geographically dispersed organization it is impossible to keep checking up on the employees to verify if there work is done neither can we have a hands off policy because it is too extremist.

Our leadership style will contribute on maintaining...