Leadership Traits of CEO (Terry Leahy) of Tesco plc

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The organization selected for the accomplishment of this assignment is Tesco plc, it is a third leading multinational grocery and general commodities retailer and have its head quarter in United Kingdom in Cheshunt and it confers the credit of its success to its ex-CEO, Terry Leahy who is well known for its leadership traits (Schreiber and Carley, 2006).

Leadership traits of CEO of Tesco plc

The ex-CEO of Tesco plc, Terry Leahy was the visionary leader for company who focused on leadership instead of management and had aimed to transfer its company to a customer focused company (Grant, 2004). Terry considers four things to motivate and satisfy its workers, they are: providing job to interest, chance to get on in life, must treat them with respect and boss should be a helper rather than a problem (Gill, 2006).

Leadership traits of Terry Leahy versus Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs was known for its charismatic leadership traits which were based on its expert knowledge and understanding of technology whereas the Terry Leahy was not a charismatic manager like him rather his leadership traits includes qualities of being a venerable quiet leader who makes intellectual decisions on the basis of its listening and observing (Tappin and Cave, 2006).

The traits of both Leahy and Jobs are exclusive, Jobs believes that the role of the leader is to make its team members better and to gather all the possible resources from different parts of the company as keys for success of project and Leahy believes that effective leadership and people including customers and employees of the company are the keys to long term success of company (Thomas and Adair, 2004). Also, the Steve was a good communicator and communicated its vision in form of stories to its employees while Leahy...