Leadership at UPS

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Organizations big and small are acknowledging the importance of a positive motivated workforce. In an effort to accomplish employee satisfaction several of these organizations are utilizing the leading phase in the management process. The leading phase involves management working with an employee through means such as motivating or guiding them in an effort to fulfill the organizations goals and objectives. (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2008)Positive work environment. At a fortune 500 company such as United Parcel Service (UPS), a three step process is used to make the job rewarding and enjoyable. The first step involves creating a positive work environment for all involved. Currently, UPS employees work so many hours that the workplace is somewhat of a second home. As a result UPS has made improvements to existing facilities such as break rooms and has allowed employees to use the internet. This is in an effort to make the workplace tolerable and more like the employee's home.

(United Parcel Service 2008)Empowerment and participation. The second step involves empowerment and participation. All UPS employees are encouraged to voice an opinion in relation to the work that they do. Management is required to have an open door policy which allows employees to make suggestions or request information on something they are not sure about. Employees are also given certain opportunities which allow them to make decisions within their area of responsibility. (United Parcel Service 2008)Employee interest. The third step involves managers making an effort to show interest in each individual employee. This entails management to access and account for individual differences among employees.

A manager who understands the needs of his or her employees at the same time keeping them informed will without a doubt be a much more effective leader. (United Parcel Service 2008)UPS understands the importance of...