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Question 1

Identify the leaders mentioned in the four newspaper articles & describe the leadership skills displayed during the various bushfire crises.

Man's saves the street

The leader in this article is 68 year old man, Neville Lamb. Mr Lamb, despite the warnings from the fireman, saved his daughter & son in laws home & stopped a domino effect from doing the same to the rest of the homes in the street.

Aussie mateship at it's very best

Ian Nicholas is a member of the rotary club who set up the 'Sydney Bushfire Hotline', which last weekend played a key role in keeping worried families & friends of victims around the globe in touch with the latest on the disaster. He is a leader by he is the person that turned the public relations offices at Crows Nest into the nerve centre for the project & all calls to the Bushfire Relatives were noted registered & passed on to the relevant agents & authorities where necessary.

Mates rescue war veterans

Close mates 22 year olds Clay Denoon, Steve Cohen & 20 year old Anthony Grant were the local heroes of hundreds of war veterans when a blaze swept through a home at North Narrabeen. The 3 mates were cooling off in their homes near the War Vets Homes, Coolooli Village, when a fierce blaze broke out in bush about half a kilometre away at 3:30pm, the mates ran from their homes & sprinted to the brick & timber units where the frightened old men were scrambling for safety. The 3 men said that the smoke chocked them & sung their eyes but they refused to quit. This shows a lot of leadership by they wouldn't stop even if it meant that they were risking their own lives.

Unflinching in the...