Leading Change

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Leading Change

Nadine Thundercloud

University of Phoenix

July 5, 2008


Good Sport is a fitness equipment manufacturer looking to increase profitable growth and expand the market share. As the organization evolves, the associates face several obstacles. This analysis examines the organizational structure and organizational culture of Good Sport. Part of the analysis is also determining if the structure and culture of are compatible. The next analysis is identifying the power structures and politics that are part of Good Sport. The leadership of Good Sport has undergone several change initiatives, with ineffective implementation. It is necessary to determine the change initiative and leadership style that would be most effective given their implementation history. Overall, a strategy will be determined and described as the best practice for dealing with conflict management and resistance to change. The purpose of this paper is to explain the importance of organizational culture and structure and its influence on leader and associate accomplishment.

Leading Change

An Overview of Good Sport

Good Sport is a fitness equipment manufacturer, based out of Coral Springs, Florida, which began 15 years ago by Jason Poole, ex- basketball star and Chairman of the Board for Good Sport. Good Sport has recently initiated expansion into surrounding states. This organization manufacturers different types of fitness equipment including rowers, steppers, bikes, and treadmills for sale to the public. Good Sport has also formed alliances with clubs and hotels. These facilities purchase the fitness equipment and place them in their hotels. To remain competitive, Good Sport needs to consider the latest market trends through the research and development and look products they will be developing.

At the beginning of the simulation, Marvin Wallace has been the CEO of Good Sport for the last four years. Over...