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Brandy Thorburn

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When someone thinks back to their childhood they usually remember the wonderful times they had growing up. Well, that is where I part from others. I had a rather tough life growing up, and some would say it is amazing how successfull I turned out to be. I have a quote that helped me through the long, hard journey we all call LIFE. "Nothing is predestined, The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings." -Ralph Blum.

Growing up came fast for me and my siblings. There were three of us at the time, Misty, (the eldest) Niki, (the youngest) and, I who was the middle man. My mother, Dawn, was an alcoholic and we only saw her periodcally, but when we did see her she was wasted. She often came home with different men every week or so.

That is, when she did come home. My grandmother, Mema, raised us children and thank God she did. She was a single women who worked everyday to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. She would spend her days at work and her nights taking care of us. Mema would wake up at five in the morning to get us ready for school. That's just the way it was though, if she didn't do it who would?

Life was going just fine but "life ain't always beautiful" I was eight years old when Mema passed away due to an Aneurysm that bursted. She was taken from us in September and believe me the rest of the year was no walk in the park. She was all us kids had and she was gone just like that. What were we to do? Who was to take...