Leagalizing Homosexual Marriage

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Legalizing Homosexual Marriage Is the United States nation taking away personal freedom by specifying who individuals may or may not marry? That is the situation when dealing with the controversial topic of homosexual marriage. When two individuals are in a state in their life when they have decided that they want to marry, the distinction of one's sex should not be an issue. Marriage is a unique event that is shared between two individuals who have a special devotion and love for each other. Marriage is a sign of a lifelong commitment that includes many opportunities and benefits within each couple. In the United States, many people are under the impression that homosexuals cannot stay in a serious relationship and should be denied all possible benefits. Although homosexual couples are looked down upon by many people in our nation, these individuals shouldn't be denied their human rights and legal benefits regarding marriage.

The United States guarantees human rights to U.S. citizens; however, our country is denying human rights to homosexual couples. The Constitution states, "That all persons are entitled to equal rights opportunities and protections under the law"� This shows that the United States is going against its own rules by not giving equal rights to homosexuals. If nation says people have equal protections, then let homosexuals be protected by the comfort of loved ones by allowing them to marry. If homosexuals are allowed the human right to vote, the right to freedom and the right to bear arms, then why can't they have the right to pursue happiness with regards to marriage? The nation is contradicting itself in many ways by saying that all persons have equal rights but not giving rights to homosexual couples. Homosexual couples are being denied their legal benefits afforded to heterosexual married couples.