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To what extent was the League of Nation successful? Maria Eduarda Curvello c8d

The League of Nation that was created in 1920, and was successful in some aspects while in others it failed. The league was able to dominate with a proper facility minor problems, but when the issue was bigger the league struggled to solve.

In one hand the League was able to control the Aaland island dispute and somehow it reached a reasonable decision. Due to the fact that both countries Sweden and Finland were fighting for Aaland islands, the league decided that the island should go to Finland and with the agreement of Sweden war was prevented. It was a success because the league managed to take a decision in which both countries agreed and it profits both countries from starting an endless war. If war was created the consequences would be of destruction and economic crisis for both countries: Finland and Sweden.

as As result the League's decision avoided war and collective security was achieved.

On the other hand, the absence of USA in the League had a huge impact towards it. As USA refused to join the league, weaker countries such as Britan and France had to take over and they were not as powerful as they were due to First World War. The League was not fully supported economically because USA wasn't there to invest the money in resources that would be fundamental for the League to combine any obstacle. The USSR and Germany that weren't allowed to join the league, and had many reasons to ally amongst each other and create a partnership, and this was when the Rapallo treaty was created during 1922. This system worked as both countries imposed an alliance between each other and trading was made between them.