The League of Nations

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At The treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson, president of the USA gave 14 points to settle world peace, even though some of his points were rejected, the most important one which consisted of creating a 'League of Nations' was accepted. The League was formed on 1920, the aims of the League where to maintain peace and security in the world by countries acting together to stop war, this was called collective security. Some of the world powers were in the League since the beginning and that included: Britain, France, Japan and Italy. The USA never joined because Wilson was not president any more, the new president did not agree with Wilson's points of view so he ran an election against the idea of America joining the League, meanwhile Wilson was completely supporting the League, in other words the American people decided not to join the League. Instead the USA decided to create a policy of isolationism, which meant that the USA is not to pay attention or take part in any international conflicts.

A major problem which the League faced was that at no time were all the major nations of the world members (The Modern World, page 30). The USA never joined; Germany was only admitted until 1926 but left in 1933 after the disarmament issue. Japan left in 1933 after attacking Manchuria and was followed by Italy in 1937 after they invaded Abyssinia and sanctions were imposed by the league. The USSR was not a member until 1934 and was expelled after invading Finland 5 years later. So basically, only France and Britain remained in the League in the rest of the period that the League remained in existence. Some people used to call this alliance, 'The League of some Nations'.

Even though the League...