The League of Nations in the 1930's

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In the 1930's, there were two crises that happened in Manchuria and Abyssinia, which extremely embarrassed the League of Nations, and finally in the end, no more countries relied on the league it anymore. The crises were provocative to other countries and inevitable as Japan and Italy, they both were both in the league's security council and could have vetoed any action against them. In 1929, the Wall Street market crashed and countries went bankrupt,; the US did no longer care about other countries but only to increase their its own wealth, which encouraged the growth of Fascist states. Thus and democracy were was not so trusted as much as before.

Therefore, Japan, the countries a country that was small, mainly agricultural and relied on international trading wanted to get out of the depression, to build their its own empire in Asia. In 1931, Japan invaded Manchuria to get the resources they needed from it, there such as the were woods, oil, and lands, Manchuria had many other resources they wanted, and therefore, they invaded to kick out the government and renamed Manchuria the Manchoukou, it was to be governed by Japan.

In response, the League of Nations decided to condemn Japan, ordered them to leave Manchuria., but iInstead they Japan simply left the lLeague in 1933. Sanctions was were not used applied on against Japan by the league after that, however, because too many countries had trading links with Japan., For this reason they didn't listen to the league and kept on trading with themJapan. In fact, the league did nothing as long as the UK and France, the main powers, didn't want a war; no agreements were done made even on stopping weapons trade with Japan. The result to of this, was that everyone was ashamed of...